This year we would very much like to acquaint you more closely with some of our specialist dealers. In the spotlight today: Aloys and Jonas Venschott from Venschott Küche|Raum|Manufaktur in Greven. For more than 30 years the company Venschott has been successfully collaborating with rational. In addition to the kitchen studio, the company can also boast its own fabrication workshop, in which carpentry and kitchen planning is expertly carried out in house. What this dealer appreciates about rational in particular is the friendly staff, the superior quality of the products, alongside the flexibility and individuality offered. Indeed, they consider the tio model to be the best handleless system on the market. When asked what gave him the most pleasure and satisfaction in his professional field, Jonas Venschott responded by saying that it was that first contact with the customer: "I find it incredibly exciting to meet new people time and again and in the process establish their corresponding domestic circumstances and ultimately meet the requirements and challenges presented.“ Aloys and Jonas Venschott from Venschott Küche|Raum|Manufaktur in Greven have been collaborating with rational for more than 30 years. That this collaboration has proven highly successful is evidenced in the many awards and accolades that the kitchen studio with its own fabrication workshop has received.
In 2016 the company took 2nd place in the competition "Goldene Dreieck" with a rational casa/cambia polar white combination. 2018 brought the next prize in the same competition. This time the kitchen studio from Greven impressed with its in-house fabricated island elements paired with tall units from rational's tio range in black glass. For this outstanding achievement rational extends its whole-hearted congratulations. Both successes prove how flexible, versatile and adaptable our kitchen elements are in use.

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Photocredit: JALAG/seasons.agency/A. Lorenzen