Kitchens have inner values tooHigh-quality (interior) equipment for your kitchen.


Organization system & Midway unit

Kitchens today are expected to reflect your own personal way of life and living. And it's not only the exterior that is extremely important but also first-class cabinet interiors that impress with practical convenience, functionality, ergonomics and design.


Drawers & pull-outs


Larder units


Midway unit


Cooking & cleaning aids

Material & colours

rational fronts come in a wide range of finishes for customers to choose from. Because in developing our kitchen models, we work with a large number of surface materials and all RAL and NCS colour shades. This lets you give your kitchen its own distinctive feel and a personal look – from classy to homely:

  • Melamine/direct coating
  • PerfectSense
  • Soft lacquer
  • High gloss lacquer
  • Lacquered laminate supermatt
  • Glass
  • Veneers
  • Ceramic


We offer handles for rational kitchens in a vast choice of shapes, colours and materials, allowing you to design your kitchen to suit your very own personal taste. Whether angular, curved or twisted – our line-up features countless combination options and types.

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