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Organization system & Midway unit

Kitchens today are expected to reflect your own personal way of life and living. And it's not only the exterior that is extremely important but also first-class cabinet interiors that impress with practical convenience, functionality, ergonomics and design.


Drawers & pull-outs


Larder units


Midway unit


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passe|par|tout exclusively by rational

An innovative and incredibly flexible organisation system. No run-of-the-mill solutions here. Instead a high degree of personalisation and customisation, applying not only to the look of the kitchen overall, but implemented with consistency behind the furniture fronts as well. Storage space in a kitchen is limited and therefore precious. This makes organisation all the more important. For this, rational has developed an exclusive, innovative organiser system, both for tall units, drawers, pullouts, kitchen recesses as well as for wall-mounting on their own.

An important issue when developing passe|par|tout was the use of high-grade materials.: genuine wood, such as oiled walnut, silvery shimmering metal (aluminium anodised) and plastic/fabric in a variety of fashionable colours. The breathable fabric pockets are made of a new on-trend material, familiar from outdoor activities, which is hygienic, food-safe, extremely hard-wearing and wipeable.


passe|par|tout midway panels


passe|par|tout base units


passe|par|tout tall units


Material & colours

rational fronts come in a wide range of finishes for customers to choose from. Because in developing our kitchen models, we work with a large number of surface materials and all RAL and NCS colour shades. This lets you give your kitchen its own distinctive feel and a personal look – from classy to homely:

  • Melamine/direct coating
  • Laminate
  • Soft lacquer
  • High gloss lacquer
  • Lacquered laminate supermatt
  • Acrylic glass
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Veneers


We offer handles for rational kitchens in a vast choice of shapes, colours and materials, allowing you to design your kitchen to suit your very own personal taste. Whether angular, curved or twisted – our line-up features countless combination options and types.

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rational works with highly qualified kitchen retailers who will be pleased to provide you with individually tailored and detailed advice over the telephone or by visiting them in person.

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