Philosophy & SustainabilityPeople & environment in unity.


rational is a company geared to the future.
And this is why it goes without saying that responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture. We take responsibility for the world we work in and for a world in which, tomorrow too, we want to know we can live in an environmentally and socially acceptable manner. This is not greenwashing but an honest, everyday declaration.

The materials we use, the production processes we apply and the suppliers we select are all based on criteria of relevance to protecting the environment. Verified by various certificates and tests confirmed by independent institutes and organisations, our high quality and environmental standards are based on firm facts.

In developing its kitchen furniture, rational uses materials and suppliers that meet its demands on protecting both environment and society.
We are no strangers to FSC because we conserve resources.
When it comes to the important matter of timber, we pay meticulous attention to responsible and sustainable forest management. Because this is important to us.
Almost all of our suppliers hold FSC Forest Stewardship Council certification, the world's most important quality seal for timber.

For us, entrepreneurship means looking ahead, not only economically, but also from an ecological and human perspective. The world we leave behind is important to us.

"Every person must say, I am the path by which the world is created." from Talmud