nautic/cascadeA staging of strong character


An innovative & aesthetically-pleasing surface

Every person is unique. That’s why nowadays kitchens with personality are called for. The exclusive design frame cascade, available in all RAL and NCS colours, helps create a room design to personal taste. The red frame encasing the black kitchen fronts brings out the extremely even soft texture of the surface to full effect. The age we live in demands flexibility – today a warm red, in 2 years’ time perhaps a cosy yellow – this is how we want to live these days.


Innovative details and fascinating shapes.


"Beauty is the splendor of truth." Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Features, material & colours

FENIX is an extremly matt nonotech material. The matt surface is enhanced through the application of special nano technology. A major advantage of the FENIX surface over previously used kitchen surface materials is that it is highly durable as well as abrasion- and scratch-resistant. Thanks to thermal healing FENIX has the capacity to recover from any microscratches that the surface may have sustained. For example, superficial scratches can be "smoothed out" using an iron and a dampend towel. The extremely even soft texture of the black kitchen fronts is effectively enhanced by being encased within the stainless steel coloured cascade frame. Combined with wall panelling in the wood decor Sherman oak, the natural beauty comes fully to the fore - this is how we now wish to live.

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