German practicality. Italian sensuousness.We combine the best of two worlds.


We are proud of the fact that our company and our kitchens are now at home in two worlds – Germany and Italy.In the creative interplay between two different cultures in particular, each with their very own unmistakable characteristics and strengths, the result can be innovative and exceptional.


German Innovation & Italian Lifestyle.

Good design arises from the mind, heart and passion.

German engineering is synonymous with perfect performance, with practicality and understatement. It is restrained yet at the same time high in quality and pragmatic. Italian design has a soul. Its unique style is confident, elegant and casual. Being strikingly unobtrusive is the secret behind Italian sprezzatura - casualness.
By combining both cultural characteristics, rational creates products that merge Italian sensuality with German objectivity, demonstrating a lightness of touch and great expertise in the processy.


Dedication & expectation lead to greater things