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We are a place for creative people, for inventors, for questioners, for people who get on and do things and for people with a passion for design excellence and craftsmanship.
We are a place for characters and personalities who want to re-define the kitchen and everything that goes with it.
We are a place where people laugh, discuss, argue, learn, are instructed and work for a common goal.
We are a place where everyone pulls together.

We stand for cultural, intellectual and human diversity.
We stand for co-determination, involvement and shaping.
We stand for teaming up and discovering while also sharing what we know.
We stand for mutual respect and encouragement.
We stand for coping with challenges as a team.
We stand for young people's drive in just the same way as we do for the circumspect wisdom of the older mind.

We are rational. Are we your location ?
If we are, we would love the pleasure of getting to know you.

Britta Hethey (bewerbung(at) will be pleased to talk to you or receive your application.

"How fruitful the smallest space if we but knew how to cultivate it." J.W. von Goethe