cosmo|cultNature lives on


Cooking & feeling good

On the basis of the cosmo and cult ranges with their incredible planning versatility, the two new and highly attractive veneers white glazed oak and brazil glazed oak take centre stage. Every front has its own unique character; it is an unmistakable slice of nature that inspires its owner time and again and emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of nature.


Innovative details and fascinating shapes.


"We must obey the forces we want to command." Francis Bacon

Features, material & colours

Just as a walk in the forest can provide inspiration for new ideas, in the same way the cosmo/cult in white glazed oak and brazil glazed oak brings a slice of nature back into the home environment. Even so, this designer living-dining kitchen is in no way aimed solely at nature lovers, the ecologically-minded or quality-conscious consumers. It appeals primarily to all those individualists who value uniqueness over perfection. In short: those who appreciate naturalness, quality and the unmistakable charm of real wood.