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A new kitchen generation – „mahlzeit“ by rational

With "mahlzeit", we have created a, innovative kitchen concept that does justice to the young people's expectations and attitude to life. They see cooking and eating in a way that differs from that of their parents and grandparents. Nowadays, food is consumed on a more sustainable and more regional basis as well as more health consciously. A new focus of attention has become established in preparing food and also in terms of where it comes from. Whether through celebrity chef cooking shows on the TV, street-food markets at the weekend, slow-food activists in the social media or vegan lifestyle among friends – the young generation has a new perspective on the kitchen, cooking and mealtimes while at the same time reviving old values.


A visit that will give you new perspectives.

"You have to be young to do great things." J.W. von Goethe

We have to pay tribute to this new kitchen generation by developing a dedicated line of kitchens and, on this note, say ... enjoy!


You will find further information in our "mahlzeit" brochure.