rational apartmentMuch more than a kitchen.


The rational apartment

rational apartment is a prime example of our motto "rational – much more than a kitchen". In this design, the opening of the kitchen to the living area, something that rational has been practising for years, extends from the coat/bag storage module to the dining area and from the kitchen with utility room to the open-plan living area. Nowadays, the focus is on rooms that are both flexible and multifunctional. As a result, contemporary furniture must embrace the principle of "form follows function" and time and again assume different functions. Kitchen furniture is often no longer identifiable as such at first glance. Thus, free-hanging pull-outs provide stylish storage within the coat/bag storage module, lift doors serve as a garage for the robot vacuum cleaner and framed drawers can be used as a table in the living area, at the same time as offering extra storage space.


Innovative details and fascinating shapes.


"Culture depends on cookery.“ Oscar Wilde

Features, material & colours

After rational joined the COLORNETWORK®, the apartment is all about colour "No.3 give warmth!". In combination with the very light chestnut wood decor, the high-quality pastel beige with warm grey components shows its modern character. The warm colour tone is timeless and can be combined again and again. The colour will retain its appeal also in the future, thus creating sustainable values in interior design.

Unifying your interior – much more than a kitchen.

Coat/bag storage module, dining area & living area

Modest in size but boasting maximum style. Light colours, like the natural chestnut wood decor, make rooms appear larger. Living space and home office from a single source make for a harmoniously cohesive look.


Innovative details and fascinating shapes.

"Culture depends on cookery.“ Oscar Wilde

Utility room

The rational utility room is an excellent keeper of order. The washing machine and robot vacuum cleaner are hidden behind the kitchen's access door.

Retailer locator

rational works with highly qualified kitchen retailers who will be pleased to provide you with individually tailored and detailed advice over the telephone or by visiting them in person.

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