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The rational loft

The most beautiful thing about a loft is its large high rooms and the feeling of freedom that they convey. The main focus is always on the oversized open-plan living, cooking and dining area. Here, the extravagant cooking island appears ready to take centre stage. The high-quality "Laurent" ceramic is used not only for the worktop but also the fronts. The Dekton surface by Cosentino is made entirely from natural materials and offers maximum resistance.


Innovative details and fascinating shapes.


"Culture depends on cookery.“ Oscar Wilde

Features, material & colours

The work and sink area can be cleverly hidden behind functional pocket folding doors, promoting an all-round homely ambience. The fronts in cashmere-grey soft lacquer, a slightly reddish grey shade, harmonise perfectly with the reproduction in rustic dark brown oak. The kitchen is conveniently accessible, as the pocket doors open with a light tap and then disappear completely. To close them again, all that's required is to press briefly on the door, which is then ejected and with a further press, the kitchen is invisible once more.

Unifying your interior – much more than a kitchen.

The rational dressing room

In this walk-in wardrobe, the motto "rational – so much more than just kitchen" is perfectly demonstrated. The kitchen furniture is no longer identifiable as such; efecto glass cabinets, for example, are converted into wardrobes. As a trendy innovation, the back panels of the tall cabinets feature the natural material organoid lavender. The use of untreated natural plant parts brings nature into the interiors and the lavender back panels not only exude a pleasant smell but also keep moths away.


Innovative details and fascinating shapes.

Features, material & colours

Unlimited storage space for clothes, shoes and accessories is offered, among other things, by the free-hanging base units in expressive dark brown oak. These fronts are additionally enhanced by a design edge in black. The rational dressing room is best described as a storage space wizard! High-quality wooden drawers present clearly not only items of clothing but also spectacles, jewellery or watches and are convenient to access as well.

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